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Security is an essential part of life in today’s times. Our lives having teleported into the virtual world, security, quite naturally, extends to the virtual world too. Security in this virtual world is very rightly known as ‘Cyber Security’. Cyber Security: Foundation aims to provide general awareness regarding cyber security for all the people who make use of Information Technology in their daily lives.

  • No. of Modules : 4
  • Each module approx. 20-30 mins
  • Program Type: Paid
  • Test Available: Yes
  • Fees (Inclusive of taxes and charges) : INR 2124/-

Program Details

Session Name Description
Fundamentals of Cyber Security This module shall highlight the various Information Security Systems and Policies and also enlist the various Security concerns that we face in the virual world today.
Internet and Cyber Crime This module shall introduce us to the Cyber Crimes and their types. It shall also discuss how data is transferred on Internet.
Cyber Security Solutions This module shall help us with the steps that can be taken for ensuring Cyber Security on our computers and mobiles. It shall highlight the Dos and Donts that we need to keep in mind.
Information Security - End User Guidelines and Good Practices This module describes the the do's and don't's for maintaining information security by the users.