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This program touches the most sensitive and critical topic of modern day work life. Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work Place develops awareness about what constitutes sexual harassment, and the role the manager has to play in the prevention of sexual harassment. This course shall prove useful for all the employees of an organisation in bringing about an overall awareness of the issue.

Also available in a variant with 3 separate modules. To know more, please contact 'sales@ene-masterclass.com' / 'swarnika@enhanceandexcel.com'
  • No. of Modules : 1
  • 1 module approx. 30-35 mins
  • Program Type: Paid
  • Test Available: Yes
  • Fees (Inclusive of taxes and charges) : INR 1770/-

Program Details

Session Name Description
Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace- 2018 This module discusses the meaning Sexual Harassment and other important definitions. It also enlists the types of Harassment and the ways to prevent and investigate it.