• Operational excellence: 10+ hours + computer based simulation
  • Project management: 10+ hours + computer based simulations
  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace : 1+ hour
  • Financial decision making: 25 key decisions that have financial implications for senior leaders - 11+ hours
  • Managing Strategy: Key concepts in strategy - 10+ hours
  • Being people right: basic inputs about managing people - 4 hours
  • Harmonics and power quality - Concepts in power quality for facility managers - 1 hour

Ready to use Online eLearning Management Courses

Keeping in mind the learning needs of the management executives, Enhance and Excel offers its ready to use online Business Management courses which cover arenas of Management, Behavioural and Technical courses. These include courses on People Development, Project Management, Finance, Operations Development, Strategy Development, and many more. These interactive and self-paced courses enable the learners to engage with the concepts at a deeper level and apply them in their respective domains.
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Online eLearning Courses

Online Business Simulations

Business Simulations

Business Simulations developed by Enhance and Excel creates an efficient virtual business environment giving the learners an opportunity to experience the real rime risks and take critical and major decisions regarding the same. Personnel at the managerial level can seek this simulated learning experience and analyse their management skills through the results of their decisions.
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Custom eLearning Development

Team Enhance & Excel is an eLearning solutions provider engages in delivering custom eLearning content tailored as per your needs. We create engaging learning experiences that change behaviours and impact performances. Our Custom eLearning Content Development solutions are attuned to meet your organization's specific learning needs, business outcomes and budgets.
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Custom eLearning Development

Online Learning Management System

ENE-Masterclass LMS

With a SCORM compliant LMS, we provide an online link between the learners, the courses, the management and faculty. This learning environment enables you to host the programs, manage the participants, assign the programs to participants, monitor the progress as well as the performance of the participants. The LMS enables participants to chat and conduct discussions amongst themselves. The courses and the online reading material are made available anywhere and anytime providing ready reference to the learners.
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